Chef Emanuele Giorgione

Chef Emanuele Giorgione is a skilled chef who deeply understands aromas, flavors, nutrition, and sustainability. He has played in the kitchen since his Merano Childhood and has fascinatingly explored the culinary world ever since. As a teenager, his passion led him to first follow a path in the restaurant business, with apprenticeships in various kitchens. Over the years, that led him to different techniques and cuisines. He graduated in 2003 from the C. Ritz Hotel Management School in Merano and began working for the Palace Merano. 

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At 25, Chef Giorgione became Chef of Cuisine at a 5-star hotel focused on wellness in Val Gardena. He then gained three years of experience as the Executive Chef at a local medical spa on Lake Maggiore. At 31, he became a Corporate Chef in a Swiss company.

For Chef Emanuele Giorgione, childhood curiosity eventually flourished into a lifelong pursuit of culinary excellence.

After years of travel and training, he became a freelancer. In 2022, he published his first volume. His book, Cuciniamo Naturale, highlights all-natural green cuisine for a daily sustainable, nutrient-dense diet. From appetizers to desserts, Chef Giorgione offers a practical guide to the most suitable ‘tools’ for vegetable and vegan cuisine, as well as ideas on how to organize your shopping and weekly dishes. 

Chef Giorgione consistently takes on new challenges and strives to achieve new goals. He desires to explore, innovate, and contribute positively to the culinary world. He became a teacher at the Congusto Gourmet Institute, the Funny Veg Academy, the Macromediterranea®️ Cooking School of La Grande via, and the Italian Food Academy. 

Currently, Chef Giorgione works for various restaurants and hotel companies, using his skills in the food industry and design. Since 2021 he has been collaborating on the MenoPerPiù project of Being Animals to bring more sustainable food to company canteens.