Lisa Odenweller

Lisa Odenweller is Founder & CEO of Kroma Wellness, the functional wellness brand revolutionizing how we think about nourishing our bodies. Kroma sells “plant-rich, non-perishable meals and beverages designed to take your vibrance and vitality to the next level.”

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The company, founded in 2021, was created with the philosophy that food is medicine. Mother nature is humankind’s most valuable resource, and what we put in our bodies fuels not only our physical body, but also our minds and souls. 

Lisa Odenweller is enthusiastic about promoting health and wellness and advocates for a diet that supports thriving instead of deprivation.

Her goal is to motivate individuals to achieve optimal health and wellness by making informed decisions about their food. 

Lisa, a San Diego native, is a seasoned serial entrepreneur and wellness visionary with over fifteen years of experience. Previously, she established the BEAMING Wellness organic superfood cafe. She has a reputation for architecting transformative wellness concepts.

“Lisa’s ability to grow brands from capital raise to consumer zeitgeist has landed her on MindBodyGreen’s list of 100 Women to Watch in Wellness.” 

She has also been profiled on Forbes, Vogue, Glamour, The Skinny Confidential, and The Art of Being Well, among other top publications and podcasts.

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