Priya Patel

Based in New York City, Priya Patel is an experienced entrepreneur in the health tech industry with over eighteen years of diverse experience. 

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She is the founder and CEO of Wellen, a pioneering digital health platform for active aging. Wellen focuses on personalized exercise programs for conditions such as osteoporosis and osteopenia. 

Priya Patel has successfully taken ideas from inception to fruition, demonstrating her forward-thinking and accomplished leadership skills.

Before building Wellen, Priya was on the founding team of Sesame, a direct-to-patient healthcare marketplace. During the pandemic, she spearheaded the company’s nationwide launch – taking the product from inception to fruition.

Priya’s unique journey in the health tech world began with a background in law, followed by venturing into nonprofit work. Eventually, her path led her to the intersection of healthcare and technology. She is an entrepreneur with 20 years of varied experience and 6 years specifically in the health tech sector. Her innovative approaches allow her to bring a fresh perspective and make a significant impact with her clients and colleagues.

Wellen is a digital health platform that helps women actively age.

Wellen offers a personalized exercise program designed by expert physical therapists for women with osteoporosis and osteopenia. They aim to empower women to age actively. Through Wellen’s unique programs, they help women strengthen their bodies, improve their balance and posture, and prevent falls and fractures. The expert Wellen team consists of Medical Doctors, Doctors of Physiotherapy, Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialists, Registered Dietitian Nurses, and more. 

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