Dr. Kyle Hoedebecke

Dr. Kyle Hoedebecke is a Certified Physician Executive with over twenty years of leadership experience in clinical, payor, military, and startup settings. In addition to his board certification, he holds four master’s degrees and has over seventy-five medical publications. His specialties include AI, bio-pharma spaces, healthcare technology, IoT, SaaS, and wearables.

Dr. Hoedebecke’s organizations have excelled in key metrics such as quality, safety, patient satisfaction, cost savings, and access to care. 

He has an impressive 14-year background in military medical leadership roles, including Medical Director and Chief Medical Officer. His hard work and dedication earned the esteemed title of 2017 US Army Physician of the Year, awarded to him by the Surgeon General. He became the inaugural Medical Director at a health insurance startup, which later went public with an $8 billion valuation. He also has experience as a startup consultant, helping to secure over $30 million in funding for early-startup companies. Dr. Hoedebecke co-founded a telemedicine company and served as Chief Medical Officer for two years. In addition to his extensive business experience, he has written and published over 75 medical papers in eight languages across five continents. With experience in over 120 countries, he utilizes his fluency in Spanish, Portuguese, Guarani, and English to contribute to global health initiatives.

Dr. Hoedebecke co-authored The Innate Design, where he and co-author Melissa Aguirre bridge the gap in allopathic medicine through their physician and yoga therapist expertise.

His podcast On the Cusp is a physician’s perspective on advances in business, medicine, and technology and how all these elements intersect to better our lives.